Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Busy Busy

Grad school is hard! I am so over my head! and work! I am as usual nervous about my job stability so I'm trying to work really hard at my job...

This weekend J and I went to the Anderson Gallery opening with some friends to check out the show 'The Divas and Iron Chefs of Encaustic". It was a lovely fall evening, the show was neat and spread in the courtyard was fantastic. I was pretty bummed at the turn out of VCU students and Richmond folks. Richmond has such an artistic reputation and is full of so many art students its surprising that more people don't turn out to these free events. At Corcoran and in Charlottesville, students and locals flock like crazy to these free food/free wine gallery openings. Hopefully as VCU arts gets more attention the gallery scene will to.

Afterwards we hit up CousCous, a neat Mediterranean restaurant near campus. The bar is lovely and the food with the exception of the tabouli is totally yummy (I suggest the red pepper hummus instead). They also have a couple mock meats on the menu which makes vegetarian friends happy.

Saturday my mom came to visit, we walked around Church Hill, checked out the real estate, Libby park and caught an early dinner at The Hill Cafe. Mom and I both got the black bean burger with a side of fries. The black bean burger came with a really tasty herb creme fraiche and was the perfect companion to a guiness. The fries were really thin, which J loves, but me not so much. I'm really glad we found this place. Its super close to our apartment, super affordable and offers amazing drafts-sure we'll be bringing lots of friends there in the future

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