Saturday, November 1, 2008

Fall Food

Something about the changing of summer to fall makes me crave things like warm bread, soup and heartier vegetables (while the change from winter to spring makes me crave pimento cheese sandwiches and white wine). We have been trying to teach ourselves to cook since its cheaper than eating out and we figure its a skill we have to learn some time.

I was complaining to Jon that I never ate vegetables in the winter time and he referred me to Meatless Mondays on the We tried the spicy coconut soup with sweet potatoes and it was great, we had very few leftovers for lunch sadly, so our plan to save money backfired.

I have also been experimenting with pies and made a pumpkin pie the other night with a homemade crust! The pie served as breakfast for a week :-)

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JonnyBGood said...

"trying to teach ourselves to cook"!!! speak for yourself! There is no recipe too difficult for me to successfully prepare thank you very much.

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