Thursday, January 15, 2009

when its cold outside.....

I just want to snuggle up with books and slippers and tea and the boy!
Speaking of the boy, we set a date! 09.05.09!
The wedding celebration will be at our family farm (see pictures from summer time below!)
My parents had their celebration here in 1976 and a few other family members were married
here as well!

My grandmother started the gardensAnd added on to the house

this is one of my favorite pictures, of my dad on the tractor
this is not a picture of our farm, it was taken at blue hole this summer and reminds me how warm it was that day and how brave the boy is (i sat on the rocks and took pictures of him jumping instead!)

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lkltxva said...

Yay for September!! Your wedding will be absolutely beautiful misa, especially at such a wonderful location. Cannot wait!