Sunday, February 22, 2009

Weekend Love

I have done nothing productive this weekend and now it is Sunday! Yikes! It is going to be a tough week at school....
On Friday JM and I went to Charlottesville and used our gift certificate from my little brother at Le Fleurie. It was very fancy and very good. JM convinced me to try the pork belly as an appetizer which tasted just fine until I asked why it was not hollow, JM proceeded to explain which part of the belly it was and I got a little grossed out. I also very awkwardly spilled my wine into the bread plate woman who was sitting next to me, and spilled food on the fine linens many times when I was trying to share my duck with JM. I am so not high class. :(

Afterward, we met up with Allie and AJ at Zocalo and had a drink. Allie, my MOH, is making our save the dates which I wish I could post on this site, but just can't because unlike Allie I am computer illiterate and can not figure out how to convert a pdf to a jpeg

After Zocalo, we went to visit MJ on her date at enoteca and shared a glass of sparkling red wine before heading home to bed.

I heart weekends.

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