Wednesday, March 25, 2009

wedding babble

So I got my wedding dress (a while ago) off the website oncewed! It is a new JCrew dress that I got for a considerable percentage off! I was a little nervous about the juju that may come with a new never worn but purchased wedding dress, but I spoke to the girl who was selling and it turned out she had purchased the dress early on in her engagement and the venue plans had changed since. We actually ended up emailing back and forth a bunch and she shared tons of great ideas with me!

I don't want to post the picture here since JM does know this blog exists but it is super cute and as soon as I tried it on I fell in love! I even practiced a few dance moves in it to make sure it was comfy!

I also have picked dresses for my bridesmaids. I decided on using JCrew dresses as my inspiration because I think that they are relatively comfy and pretty much perfect for my big farm wedding! I told the girls to pick a clover colored jcrew dress, which means they have 7 or 8 to choose from. Here are two examples of the dresses from the cotton cady and silk chiffon collections.

i love love love the pockets!


lkltxva said...

great minds think alike.

The tailor, when she was pinning my sister to alter the Lydia dress, actually asked her if she wanted to keep the pockets. Didnt think that would be an issue. Isnt that the best part!?

Vivian said...

hi, you left a comment on my blog regarding possible purchase of my jcrew lydia BM dresses. you didn't leave an email so i haven't been sure how to get in touch with you. if you see this comment, please email me at to discuss further. all 5 dresses are available!

Vivian said...

* (that's what i get for typing too fast)