Monday, June 1, 2009

calming down

Because Ashley from Izzy and the Bean is so sweet and understanding. We decided to reorder half of the invites that are going to family and family friends etc and keep the rest to send out to our friends. Ashley was super sweet about it and informed me that she made a similar mistake during her wedding. It made me feel so much better.

Thank you friends and blog friends for your sweet, sweet comments

If you'd like to see our invites click here. I am totally in love with the design:)

Also we got ties for a super affordable price for our boys (ie groomsmen) Because my camera is broken and Jon's is lost in the mess that is our apartment you will have to get the idea from my fuzzy mac book pictures :)

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A.Mountain.Bride said...

your invites ARE AWESOME! So are the colors used in it going to be those used in your wedding? I'm still so ridiculously up in the air about colors and invites. Your selection is beautiful! (and that's amazing about getting a re-print on those for your family...that was really nice)