Sunday, June 21, 2009

a super seriously embarrassing confession

1) My friend Liz came over last week and made us watch Twilight. Liz and I asked tons of questions and Jon rolled his eyes, it was a bit silly, but seriously Robert Pattinson is adorable.
2) The movie and numerous girlfriends maybe convinced me to read the books. And I have read the first two. After starting on Friday. Don't judge! Its a quick read and I have had a full year of reading serious theoretical articles and books about the workings of art institutions and latin american architecture and art, i deserve a break. While there are small things I dislike about the storyline (Bella faints and swoons waaaaayyyy too much and, if it was me, I would be dating a werewolfe instead, i mean...vampires can't even eat delicious cooking, I like boys-like my own- who enjoy the food I make- refusing my peach cobbler would be a serious deal breaker!), it really is entertaining.
3) Though I did become a little involved in Twilight, JM and I had the best.weekend.ever. Beer tasting at Blue Mountain Brewery, Cookout, Dad's day and brother's birthday. Pictures to prove it later.

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