Thursday, June 11, 2009

the search for biodegradable plates.

These plates look nice don't they!? They are very hip and cool and totally our style (not to mention this company has many eco friendly adorable products).

According to Branch they are "Handmade by Bambu in China. (Note that Bambu works only with manufacturing partners who demonstrate a commitment to health and safety, environmental protection and fair labor practices. In turn, Bambu supports and reinforces worker health and safety measures, and funds international third-party auditing procedures.)"

That seems nice! So I called about getting a sample and was told that I needed to order the 10 dollar sample set that provided me with all of their products. Um...okay, I get it, the economy is tough, 10 dollars = 10 tacos at taco night, but its my wedding I'll splurge. So as I get to the shipping information I find that Branch will ONLY fedex my shipment for 10.87, more than the price of the sample kit. I called back and left a message asking them why they are charging me that much for response so far.

Next I called Let's Go Green. Now while they do not have the hip bamboo plates, and they do not offer samples, the kind gentleman I spoke with gave me a coupon code for 25% off when I ordered. I don't think you have to guess where I am planning on getting my biodegradable plates, cutlery etc from


Anonymous said...

i just discovered your blog and i love it!

Color Me Green said...

budget savvy bride posted about biodegradable cutlery etc recently in case this helps also, sad but true - it's best to bring biodegradable plates to a compost heap or facility, as most landfills are so tightly packed that nothing biodegrades in them anyway!