Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Girls just want to have fun!

I have the greatest friends. Seriously. This past weekend they (some coming from and planning (MTW thank you!) from as far as Atlanta, Boston and Connecticut) threw me a bachelorette party!
Friday was wine tasting and dinner at Allie's where we had a special guest (baby Lou), yummy cookies and delicious lasagna cooked by Allie's husband. We also had a lingerie shower and the girls gifted me lots of lovely (and sometimes crazy) undergarments!

Saturday was tubing down the James river complete with Bodos and Saturday night was dinner at Su's house where she and her sweet Mother treated us to yummy proseco from trader joes (seriously, most delicious proseco ever) and chicken salad and caprese, fruit salad, lemon bars and much more!
Finally we put on some pretty princess "sweet tats" (tattoos) and hit the town for some dancing and fun!

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Julia (Color Me Green) said...

what a great weekend. my favorite prosecco is from trader joe's...maybe it's the same as what you had. i love the idea of lingerie showers, and i'm sure your fiance does too ;-)