Friday, July 31, 2009

One month to go

I always wanted a huge laid back wedding at the farm. People milling about in the summer sunshine enjoying beers, admiring the mountains talking with each other. Both of us have huge families and have had many life experiences which has lead to the to the collection of many important and meaningful relationships in our lifetime. We invited 225 thinking that 175 would show up being that it is a holiday weekend.

My friends, as of to date (one day to the due date of RSVP's) we currently have 199 people confirmed as guests. Yes, that is right 199

Yikes. I am a little freaking out. It gets hard to breath for a moment when I look at that number. But then I take a deep breath and remember that 199 is not much larger than 175 and that all the major things are taken care of.

1) we have a caterer
2) we have tenting
3) we have the lighting
4) we have the flowers
5) I have the dress
6) we have the officiant
7) we have the rehearsal dinner down stat
8) we have things to eat food off of
9) we have the linens and all that good stuff ordered
10) Our DJ is awesome (and a great friend)
11) The wife of our awesome DJ is down with making our delicious guests treats

See no freaking out. In the end all the big stuff is taken care of, and if I don't have time to get to those little extra details I muse about and admire on this blog it is A-okay. At the end of the day, we are getting married among people who love us and nothing else matters.

(Thought if it rains I might seriously be drinking some champagne)

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lkltxva said...

deep breaths!! Your day will be perfect -- as long as you're there, JM's there and someone can officiate, honestly no worries about the rest! :-) (i guess I should listen to my own advice, eh?)