Monday, August 17, 2009

just not happening

blogging. posting. it just isn't. With 18 days to the wedding, having a paper accepted at an ethics conference, work business and school starting thursday I don't know if I have time between now and 9/5/9.   Also, honestly, reading all your fabulous blogs (esp. those about pretty weddings) are getting me a little crazy and anxious about what we have decided/not decided to do. It's completely me- the pre wedding craziness! Thank you blogging community for your fabulous inspiration the last several months!!!!!!!

 I'll do my best to post, but if I can't  I promise to post pretty pictures when I come back.
x's and o's


A.Mountain.Bride said...

good luck to you!! Can't wait to see your pictures!

Julia (Color Me Green) said...

we'll miss you but hope these next couple weeks aren't too crazy and have fun getting married!