Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Wedding: How I feel and the Rehearsal

We did it! It was amazing and wonderful and a blur. Seriously! It felt like a dream 225 people, some who I've known all my life, some who I've just met, but it was the best feeling in the world- I felt love and community and closer to my family, my new family and Jon. I am so proud of the us for putting it together, impressed with my mom and dad for helping us and thankful for all the friends and family who helped out.

The Friday before we were running around like crazy trying to get things done.  The tent had gone up on Friday but it was up to us to put the tables and the chairs out for the ceremony and dinner. Because we are on a mountain there is very little level ground so me and NJS and SSp spent our entire morning making the tables and the chairs as level and comfortable as possible.  After there were bathrooms to clean and things to organize.  Time flew as we were rushing around.....Seriously, no one in our family ate until Allie showed up with bagels from Charlottesville  Soon after Erin (who made our fabulous favors) and her husband Charley (who was our fabulous DJ) showed up and started setting up and getting ready.  Allie and Erin passed me a beer and strongly encouraged me to get into the shower (I was starting to smell) as to be on time for our rehearsal!

The rehearsal was lovely, it was great seeing my lovelies who had not see in so long and hearing JM's sisters practice the song "Let it be You" for everyone.  The dinner was at Rappahanock Cellars. JM's family put it together and they did an amazing job.  We ate delicious Italian food and drank amazing wine.  It was just what we needed to start the weekend off right!

JM's sisters practice their song

vineyard love
the amazing location for the rehearsal dinner picked out and planned by JM's parents
A few of my lovely lady friends

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