Wednesday, October 28, 2009

how we tried to be green and save money: wedding flowers

For those of you who don't know the force that is my mother, you are missing out. Not only did the woman insist on baking 35 pies for our wedding but she was insistant, and I mean insistant on doing the flowers. She and her best friend from college (auntie thea) planned in advance and grew in their gardens flowers that would be colorful and vibrant in late august early september. And not just the flowers for bouquets, nope. She, auntie thea and our family friend suzie were dream team extraordinaire. They started at 8am and got all the flowers done by 3pm! Right in time for the wedding!

I just loved all the colors, especially the black eyed susan's!
pictures by the amazing Denny Henry
These flowers were raised without pesticides in my mom and auntie thea's gardens. The only major expense were the wire and the ribbon which we bought at micheals (we did run out of ribbon and the wire was a bit sticky. But no worries, my crafty bridesmaids simply wrapped tissues around the ones that were missing ribbons)

picture by my Aunt Lisa

For the centerpieces my mom and I purchased these white planters from ikea for a whopping $1.99 each (28 x1.99+ tax)= about $60 total for centerpieces). Also we are reusing them. My mom sells flowers (and pie) at the Charlottesville farmers market in the summer and is using these planters for her arrangements that she displays and sells- of course we are keeping a few for ourselves :-))


Allie said...

The flowers were so beautiful. I would just like to brag to everyone that I arranged at least five of those center pieces too (once Thea approved my trial one she roped me in to make as many as she could).

Julia (Color Me Green) said...

i love black eyed susans too. how incredibly awesome of your mom to do flowers AND pies! they came out lovely.

Abbie said...

They look great!!