Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I am a terrible Catholic, but I still like the challenge of Lent! In the past I have given up chocolate, ice cream, cookies etc, but found that this backfires since by birthday always falls during lent (and what is a birthday without cake!!??) Currently, I am debating giving up one of the following

1. meat- I don't really eat meat a lot anyways, and was actually a vegetarian in college. When I do eat meat it is usually pork as my mom buys a free range pig every year and gives us some- I jokingly call myself a porkaterian because I am really not into chicken or beef, etc.... this being said, the last couple weeks, with the exams on the horizon it has been all too easy to throw a porkchop in a pan and call it dinner. Giving up meat will allow me to once again, get creative with our dinners :)

2. My car- okay I don't really drive that much anyways, as I live 2 miles away from campus and close to everything I need, so I either walk or bike everyday- however, sometimes I get lazy, sometimes it is cold and rainy, and sometimes I have to carry a bunch of books and I drive- wasting gas and paying for parking- giving up parking will force me to be greener and learn the Rva bus system!

3.Facebook- distracting and unnecessary.

Thoughts? Suggestions? What are you all giving up for Lent?


llbfromvb said...

The car idea sounds super intriguing - you may not use it much now, but when you make it off limits, things will get interesting --- The point of Lent is to give something up that you will notice a difference going without for 40 day/nights. I know a few people who have given up facebook (its much harder to give up than it seems). If you dont really eat meat to begin with, then you will hardly notice it's gone (thus defeating lents purpose). I'm giving up alcohol... which should get fun right around st patty's day.

Allie said...

The car definitely makes the most sense as far as sacrifice.

Giving up facebook is silly in my opinion. If you think you spend too much time on facebook just stop, you don't have to deactivate your account or something in the name of Jesus. :)

Julia (Color Me Green) said...

i would try the car. would be an interesting challenge. especially if it would get you to use your public bus system better - the more people use those, the more it becomes obvious that there is a demand and service should improve.

Melissa said...

Car would be impossible for me! But it might be a fun experiment for you to try since you are not super dependent on it. I say do it!

Kristin said...

If I were Catholic I would try to give up coffee. Not saying I would be successful...but I would try. Ah ha ha