Friday, March 19, 2010

some things

1. Spring break has been lovely and fun. I've actually had two weekend breaks- a trip to West VA for some skiing and a trip to Ocracoke Island, NC with family.

2. The sunshine in Virginia is lovely this weekend and perfect for long patio lunches, picnics in the park, balcony dinners and six mile training runs (eep!)

3. I turned 27! A perfect square! Huzzah I'm old!

4. You should all maybe check out this movie if you can. I used to hang out here with my bestie who was in love with (and later married and had babies!) with a boy who worked here for a number of years. It reminds me of summers in college.

Happiest of Fridays!

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Melissa said...

Happy Birthday!I am glad you are enjoying some time off!