Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Slicing and Dicing

Please forgive my absence, i have had a little accident that has involved stitches and a dorky finger cast which and has made typing a tedious process. Let me explain....

During my life in DC I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to take a year of jewelry making classes which I absolutely totally loved. Due to the wedding planning + graduate school + work + a million projects and internships going on at the same time, jewelry making has been on the back burner. Lucky for me, I am nearing the end of my graduate program and this summer I have a lot more down time, as I'm only working and writing my thesis...which is lots, but comparatively speaking, it feels like a vacation...

Now let me confess, this whole trying to write my entire thesis over the summer and fall is a lot tougher than I thought it would be, as it requires lots of discipline, especially when its hot outside and I would rather be at the pool, shopping at home goods, exploring richmond, cleaning the kitchen, or catching up on law and order reruns. Because of my desire to do fun things all the time, I've found that the best way to be productive is to strike deals with myself. For example "marisa, if you go to the library for 3 hours, you can have ice cream," or "if you read this chapter on Porfiriato Mexico you will totally earn yourself a 7-11 slurpee"---but enough on my distractive nature...

This past week, after reading an entire book, I busted out my jewelry supplies to have a little creative time. Since I couldn't find my wire cutters, I dug around the kitchen and found the next best thing: meat scissors. I think you all know where this is going....I prompty sliced my finger, and I'm not talking about, I'm a klutz with a kitchen knife slice, I'm talking about I could see the white of bone or cartilage slice....Luckily my sister in law lives right around the corner and took be to the hospital where I promptly got several stitches from the nice nurse practitioner.

All in all it wasn't too bad, and I learned several things about myself:

1) My temperature is lower than average naturally, apparently I am cold blooded woman, with a temp that hovers right at a 96.6
2) I am not good with scissors
3) I really love jewelry making and creating and maybe if I stop being so shy and ever get around to posting pictures I'll share some of my creations with you!

Have you ever had a silly accident or cut yourself in a ridiculous way? How about those of you who have had to write thesis/finish school? How did you get through it?

Hope you all are having a lovely lovely weekend!


ruthy ann said...

sorry to hear about your accident--i'm impressed you were able to type so much!

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a sweet comment!

Julia (Color Me Green) said...

ah! i've sliced my finger before but not bad enough for stitches. i have a lowish temp too. i read that it can sometimes indicate hypo or hyper thyroidism (i forget which) so you might want to ask about that next time you see a doctor.