Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Carolina (and Atlanta!) on my mind---aka help us with our vacation!

On Monday, Jon and I are loading up the subi (our new subaru!!)*** and heading south. We're going to head down towards the Asheville/Hot Springs area, with intentions of camping and hiking the AT and enjoying the great outdoors.

We plan on hanging out in the mountains until Thursday morning when we are going to head in to town to check Asheville out. And then.....THAT EVENING We'll be heading to Atlanta to spend three glorious days with this fine lady

so college
Virginia wine makes besties the silliest
bridesmaiding it up at our wedding (9.5.9)

MTW and I have been friends going on 10 years. She's been there for the majority of my major adult (responsible and irresponsible) life decisions- heck she was with me on my first date with Jon! Were it not for her seal of approval, I might not be the happily married woman I am today!

I'm sure MTW is going to take good care of us in her home city, but I'm looking for Asheville/Hot Springs suggestions....Obviously, being the giant museum/historical house nerd that I am we are going to check out the Biltmore, but I wanted to put my feelers out and see if anyone out there has any suggestions?

*** the subi is just new to us, its actually a new used car, our first official big purchase as a couple---huzzah!!!


agirl said...

I have no idea re suggestions, but have the best time! It's pretty much guaranteed, I'll bet.

Meg said...

we have a subaru, and we call it subi too! so cute :) have fun on your trip!

Allie said...

There is a cute little museum in downtown Asheville that is worth checking out. Also lots of good vegetarian restaurants. Bring your money bags for the Biltmore tickets! Priiiiicey!