Monday, July 5, 2010

oh goodness!

Blushing! Whitney over at Whitney's Blogtastic Blog gave me a little bloggy award. I've never gotten one of these before!

Whitney is a sweetie... you should check out her blog. I love reading it for the following reasons..

1. Whit is a long lost friend from high school and its super fun to see what a lovely woman she has become.
2. She has the most positive outlook on life ever! Not only is she super pumped about food, but her posts on her exercise goals really help me get motivated.
3. She's a kindergarden teacher- which pretty much makes her a super hero in my book.

I guess part of this little award is that I let you all know 7 things about myself...Whit did food, but I'm going to tell you some super nerdy things that you might not know about me.

1. I am super allergic to shellfish. I'm also really allergic to bugs, but not as allergic as I am to shellfish.

2. My favorite author from my childhood and adolescence is L.M Montgomery, known for her Anne of Green Gables series. I've seriously read every book written by this woman. My favorite book in the series is Anne of the Island (a close second is Rilla of Ingleside -about Anne's youngest daughter) which I read at least once a year, its like visiting an old friend.

3. My favorite "adult" book is Pride & Prejudice. I also read it once a year. I love the bbc movie version and am not a fan of Keira Knightly playing Elizabeth Bennett.

4. These days I'm reading lots of books and articles on 19th and early 20th century Mexican art.

5. When I was ten and living in California, my mom used to take me to this old movie theater that played Alfred Hitchcock movies every Saturday night. Thus began my obsession with Hitchcock movies and other murder mystery tv shows and movies such as Law and Order, Perry Mason and Poirot.

6. We don't have cable. PBS is my favorite station. My favorite program is Masterpiece Mystery.

7. Even though I can come across as an extrovert, occasionally I feel super shy which results in me seeming a little withdrawn or standoffish. I promise I'm not! Its just shyness.

So now I get to pass on this award to a few lovely ladies in the blogosphere....drumroll please.....

If you don't already you should check out these lovely blogs :)


Melissa said...

Whoohoo! Thanks for the award! I can't wait to partake in the fun.

Mrs. Bama said...

Thanks dear. xoxox. Miss you (escape the heat of VA right now and come visit me in Nola... at least its raining to break the heat/humidity)

Brittany said...

I am honored! Thank you for the award my lady.

I need to check out the other blogs you awarded as I'm always up for adding some new reads to my google reader. :)