Tuesday, August 24, 2010

And the vacation continues: Biltmore Estate

It seems that we have been granted a reprieve from the summer heat. Today's forecast is calling for highs in the mid seventies, which means I've busted out jeans and some apple spice tea(between June and September, as I make it a rule to never wear jeans or drink hot tea when the temperature is above 80)

I wanted to share pictures of the Biltmore from our vacation last month. It was a lovely estate, but crazy expensive- $60 for admission, no student discounts?!!!! We figured we probably wouldn't go back, so we paid the $120 to get in. While the estate and gardens are lovely, I'm a little disappointed with the Biltmore. Sure its gorgeous, but it is not a nonprofit, there are no educational or outreach programs. Being in the museum/nonprofity/historic houses world, I'm all about preserving, but preserving with a purpose. Call me a socialist (;-)), but I like the idea of art, historical houses, museums, etc giving back in some way to the community. The Biltmore doesn't really give back, rather it takes, at $60.00 a pop. And I understand that it is expensive to run the place (its totally massive), and appreciate the preservation of the land and the house and the 23 wines we got to taste, but I was expecting the admission fee to be more in the realm of $25- $35.

Now that I am down from my soap box. Please enjoy the pictures we took of the beautiful Biltmore. Its truly a lovely place, and I suggest visiting once (but check with your hotel and see if you can get a discount like my Mom did).


Mrs. Bama said...

Yes - CRAZY expensive, but gorgeous. Looks like you had MUCH better weather than we had when we went (think cold, rainy and wet). I do love the picture with JM standing in front of the house with this "hey, this could be my crib, so what?" look on his face. Classic

kwpang said...

$60 admission is really expensive, I would have look from the outside instead. But it looks like a fun holiday, well worth the money for the experience of joy?