Thursday, August 12, 2010

Vacation: Hot Springs (pt 2)

We stayed in Hot Springs for two nights and three days. Hot Springs is a tiny little town and the Appalachian Trail actually follows main street for about a half a mile. It was a little late in the season for north-bound AT hikers and a little early in the season for south-bound hikers, so unfortunately we didn't meet any through hikers, which I was bummed about. (I love talking to people and hearing their stories- which is most likely the reason I love all your blogs :)).

After our big hike we headed for, of course, the hot springs. Because what else would we want to do on a hot sticky July day, but sit in 101 degree sulfer springs? No but really, the hot springs were incredible. For 25 dollars we got our own little private hot springs hot tub, which had private walls and sat right along the river. It was delightful and a great way to relax.

The next morning we packed up camp and headed to Max Patch, a bald mountain about 45 minutes south of Hot Springs. If you are ever in Western North Carolina I highly recommend checking out Max Patch. Its a short hike (only 2.5 miles) but it is magnificent. On clear days you get a 360 degree view of the mountains. Unfortunatley for us we had some major cloud cover, but it was still a great hike! springs in july :)

Super dork
Max Patch

On the top of Max Patch


Up Next: Asheville!

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