Friday, September 24, 2010


I disappeared into thesis mode! This semester I'm not taking any classes but I am (over?)involved in many different and exciting activities and opportunities on top of the regular thesis writing and work. Though I am feeling stretched a little thin, I can't help but feel something exciting, shiny and new is right around the corner- of course this feeling is rare and makes me fear that I am setting myself up for disappointment- so we'll see friends! Will the completion of my thesis (hopefully) lead to new doors being opened? I really hope so!

I'll be sporatic about blogging these next few months, but I'll be reading all of your blogs I promise.

Also in the meantime you should probably check out Birds and Arrows, our friend's E + C convinced us to go see them at Gallery 5 last night and it was the best ever...check them out. now.

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