Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Oh friends, graduate school is hard! Writing a thesis is hard! I don't have much to say that would interest you so here are some snapshots of my life at the moment!

This is where my weekends are spent. In this thesis mess (and yes those are wedding presents that have yet to find a home in our tiny apartment).

I've been drinking many cups of coffee (luckily out of a pretty tea cup).

Honey from my parent's bee hive is my new current obsession. We've put it in desserts, yogurt, tea, etc (I love this vintage glass jar my mom gave me!)
flowers from my mom's garden

pears are in season! that means pear-ginger pie!

saying goodbye heirloom tomatoes with cream cheese tomato toast :)


city girl said...

Ahhh grad school... not looking forward to it, haha. Good luck, and I'm glad you're finding some time to enjoy October between the work!

Brittany (Eating Bird Food) said...

Honey from your parents bee hive?!? That's so awesome!!