Friday, December 17, 2010


The snow we had in RVA came as a relief actually. I was scheduled to work but my supervisor called me and told me to take it easy which was super kind of her. Many pages of my thesis were due this Friday morning and so taking a break provided me with the assurance that I wouldn't have to pull an all nighter. However before I buckled down to edit and revise I took a walk through the museum district and marveled at how quiet the world becomes in a winter snow. I explored back streets and admired Christmas decorations, organized my thoughts and enjoyed just being alive in that moment.

And then used my cell phone to take a picture of my feet.

Speaking of relief! I forgot to tell you all that I completed a half marathon! 13.1 and done! What relief!


AbbieBabble said...

13.1! Just this morning I looked up a half marathon to do in February- I've never done one before, and I'm completely psyched!

p.s. Snow feet pictures are my favorite. Hooray for winter!

agirl said...

Half marathon - WELL DONE!