Wednesday, June 1, 2011

June and books

hazy richmond summer

Richmond summers are my favorite. I love the humidity and the relief of the breezes that come off the river.

I am enjoying this late spring, early summer. My mantra is to focus on being present- rather than worrying about the future. I'm embracing things, that before would have taken time out of studies or thesis.

I'm loving waking up late on weekends, afternoon bike-rides, late lunches and Bevs.

I'm embracing post work wine and giggles at Secco with friends and coworkers.

I've been reminiscing with long lost friends at my 10 year high school reunion (gah I'm old!)

I'm looking forward with fresh eyes and a relaxed mind. I can't wait for all that we have planned and I'm hoping to dive into a few good books this summer....speaking of you have any recommendations for me friends? I'd love to hear about your favorite reads (past and present)!!!

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Mrs. Bama said...

such a refreshing post. xoxox, miss you.