Friday, July 29, 2011

movin on

Richmond feels a little empty lately. Two friends have moved on for bigger and more exciting cities! And ironically, both are close friends from school. What is it about academia that helps one develop the very closest of friendships!?

My dear friend, Lizzie B has flown north to NYC. I met LB the first day of graduate school. We've worked on many projects, exhibits and programs together and have often joked that we come as a packaged deal. But in all honestly we do work well in the creative environment together, while we both get it done, we also can take time to be silly and have some fun. I'll miss LB so much, but luckily NY isn't too far away :)!


MJ, who I met in undergrad, has also left the River City for an exciting life with her husband in Atlanta (where she is lucky enough to be living near my Maggie! )While I couldn't be happier for Martha, I'm also going to miss her (and Tim) tremendously. MJ and I met the first day of freshmen year in the common area where she was unrolling her N'SYNC poster (this was 2001). I am lucky we stayed close after college and that I had MJ introduce me to this city! Despite the fact that we have very different personalities, likes and dislikes, we've always been close and able to relate to each other. We've had so much fun* the last three years that we've both lived in this city and I can't help but get a little teary about the fact that I can't bike, run, walk or drive 1.68 miles to her house anymore.

(mj, me, mtw, akf)

*Fun includes but is not limited to: a carboaddiction to Edos, wine, running the monument 10k, sticky rice new years eves, Yaz (the schnoodle) dodge ball, wine, driving stick, running, more wine, sodium overdose at various Mexican restaurants, and spending the first night with her husband to be in my apartment's living room (on separate couches, duh!) after a very successful birthday celebration.

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Mandy said...

agreed, those ladies (and Tim too) will be missed sooo much. But that just means we get to make some ROAD TRIPS!!!