Wednesday, October 26, 2011

where i've been

oh hello to all three of you who read this!

Sorry I haven't kept up with the blogging lately. Life has been busy! We've been traveling, working, exploring and creating over here so I apologize for a lack of posts.

In September we caught the last rays of the summer sun and visited with family.  We also discovered Camilla has a new special hiding place.

brothers and late summer sun (don't worry, jon's beard didn't stay like that for long).

camilla's secret hiding spot

Emily (my sister in law), me, and Rachel (my brother in laws gf) outside of kuba kuba. Pardon my squinty eyes.

In early October we headed south to Athens, Georgia to celebrate the wedding of a fabulous couple with some of our closest friends and family.  Athens is an awesome town with great little shops and fantastic food..... I'll have to show you the goods I purchased while down there.

Hey, Athens

looking for Uga

Wedding dinner with close friends by candle light

blurry bride and groom!

We also hit up the Richmond Folk Fest, which is a phenomenal event. Here I am wearing the same shirt as above enjoying some traditional tunes from Cape Breton Island. Unfortunately,  Jon didn't make it into the picture :(.   

I'm going to try to keep up with blogging. It is so nice to have this space as a creative outlet and to share my projects and other going ons. I've always been sporadic about blogging, but if I can find the time to live, create and write you will see more posts from me.  I hope those of you who are still reading will stick around :).

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Mandy said...

YAY, nice lil update! I thought you had been awfully busy! Don't worry, I am not going anywhere! I love an update even if they are sporadic :)