Tuesday, September 4, 2012

a husband's craigslist find: china

When we registered for china three years ago, I knew I wanted something that was timeless.  I've always loved the idea of white textured china which is why I registered for Wedgewood Edme. It is dishwasher safe, and if it breaks, or if I need more,  I can simply add other white textured pieces to my collection of china.

The other day, J was searching craigslist for a buffet (another story all together) and he came across 4 sets of Wedgewood Edme for only $40! He sent me the link and I instantly jumped on it.  Because the plates were purchased in the 1980's, they were a bit worn, but the pattern was the same.  The major difference was the size between 2009's Edme and 1980's. You'll be amazed.... But first a major shout out to J for finding this awesome deal! Yay J!

so handsome and smug!
Okay, on to business. Here is the 1980's edme tea cup......

Pattern is the same.

it is Wedgewood
 And a side by side comparison to the cup I was given in 2009!

On the right is 1980's Wedgewood, on the left is 2009!
 And now for the dinner plate comparison.  I'll let you guess this one....

Dinner plate comparison.
I don't really mind the size difference, but it does amaze me how large our portions (even in coffee and tea) has grown in 30 some years - it really does speak volumes to the obesity epidemic our country is now facing.  I wonder how large our plates will be in 2030? Perhaps dish companies should revert back to smaller plates to curb these growing appetites?

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