Sunday, November 2, 2008

in exciting news

So let me preface this by telling you that I am a complete enigma by girl standards. While I L-O-V-E participating in all aspects of wedding planning for my friends (I am a party planner by nature, seriously since I was little I love "making parties" for other people), the idea of getting engaged and planning my own wedding has always really embarrassed me and made me want to grab my significant other and run for the mountains. The BF knows this and in the 3 + years we have been dating we have had multiple conversations about how I have a problem with the engagement knee thing, the asking (why not just have a conversation and decide) and over mushiness that goes along with this. Also due to my hippie- activist anti establishment upbringing I have always had a real problem with diamonds, being that they are from Africa, that i'd rather use the money for a big ring to travel the world, and that I'm just not an extravagant jewelry kinda girl.

However a few months ago we were in Carytown at ant hill antique shop and I saw a diamond ring that caught my eye. It was an absolutely lovely, delicate, platinum band with 12, 1/12 carrot diamonds made in the 1930's. I tired it on and it fit me but I obviously put it back...I think the boy being so excited that I actually liked something weddingish in the 3+ years we have been together, went back and bought it. Funny- because a week or two later I dragged SSP there show her that I actually liked a ring and it was gone. bummer. (or so i thought)

The BF is a big secret keeper and finally on October 30th (same day as the engagement of crozette!) after getting me tipsy at TJ's (we went for resturant week, it was A-Mazing) he gave it to me. There was no real asking, and there was no kneeling and there was no "yes!!!" I actually said something along the lines of "are you f$%&ing serious...." MJ and Suze came over soon after (they had a feeling something like this was going to happen) and we all stayed up way too late.

In my opinion we decided to get married and he gave me a little ring- I guess that is the same thing as engaged. It is just weird for me to say.

I do want to note that this has stopped my mom from introducing the BF as "M's friend"- now he is just introduced by his name, no title. I wonder what he'll be when we actually do get married.

p.s there won't be too many wedding/celebration posts here until I complete at LEAST a year or semester of grad school successfully.


Allie said...

truly exciting. I suppose after you are married Jon will need no introduction whatsoever. xo

meredith said...

i love the ring, i love the story, i love jon.

most of all i love you! congratulations, i'm so happy for you two.