Wednesday, April 29, 2009

May 6th can't come soon enough

Has your juju ever been off?

I think mine currently is. Maybe its the lack of sleep. Maybe it is anxiety about turning in two papers next Wednesday. Maybe I am just a klutz.

But I literally rolled down Church Hill today. I'm not kidding. I was running (to relieve stress) and thinking about spring time and how pretty River City is, and down I went, face first. I luckily twisted a little so I mainly skidded down hill on my hip and shoulder.... But ouch!!! I was so relieved there was no one around to hear me whimper as I peeled myself off of the pavement

Any suggestions for getting back on track with your juju? Or centering yourself so you don't take tumbles?

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A.Mountain.Bride said...

ewww...i cringed reading this. sympathy pains.