Friday, June 26, 2009

And the pursuit of happiness by Maria Kalman

Monticello and Jefferson is a big part of my life whether I'd like to admit it or not. My Dad is a professor at UVa, my mom is a garden guide at Monticello and my brother also works there as a gardender. Jefferson and his ideas surrounded me growing up in Charlottesville, VA. This is why I love this , featured in the New York Times. check it out.


lkltxva said...

GORGEOUS summation of Jefferson's influence and also very timely. Cherish every day, every moment and help it guide your works and thoughts.

A.Mountain.Bride said...

oh yes...i knew that we were kindred spirits even before this post:

my mom was a college history professor for years before trading in her college students for junior high she teaches united states you can imagine our childhood (full of crazy amazing historical field trips and such). She was SURE to take us each on a pilgrimage to Monticello...she loves it there. what a wonderful connection you have to that beautiful historical place!

Allie said...

I finally read this, it is so good.