Monday, November 2, 2009

How we tried to be green and save money: the food

I mentioned before that my mom made 35 pies for the wedding, from scratch. They were delicious. Sadly we did not cut the pie. We wanted too but there was a lot of pressure from family members and friends that we cut cake. It was silly and we should have stood our ground, but at this point there were a lot of things that we just let go of to make it through the day without offending anyone, so we cut a very small cake from a local business in my hometownAlbemarle Baking Company and for a cake it was pretty delicious :-)

Anyways, the pies were combinations of apple, apple peach, apple crumble, apple blueberry and apple cranberry. They were made with organic apples and fruit and organic ingredients. Sadly I did not get to eat any pie, but its okay, I've been eating my mom's pies for years and I'd rather my friends.

We decided early on that we wanted the food to be pork barbeque and lots of summer salads. Our family friend Rae who owns a delicious restaurant in Sperryville Virginia was our caterer Also instead of making vats of only 5 salads for 200+ people, she made 10 or 12 salads that served 50, this ensured that there was a wide variety of yummy food! She did an amazing job make the most delicious salads out of the most delicious ingredients- many which actually came from my parents garden. This not only cut costs, but also ensured that we knew our veggies were fresh and where they were coming from!

Sadly, I only got a few bites of food that night but the next morning we found that the caterers had made us the most delicious plate of food! Yum!

(This picture was the only one I could find from my guests photos of food, taken by my friend Curren. I believe she has on her plate a little bbq, some sweet potato salad, bean and corn salad, green beans and feta, bread from albemarle baking company with the most delicious spreads...and much more!


Julia (Color Me Green) said...

i am impressed that your caterer was willing to use ingredients from your parents' garden. lots of salads and choices sounds like a good way to go.

Allie said...

So many "sadly"s! The food was so good, especially that pesto butter spread or whatever it was.

I have to admit, I was so confused when you guys cut that cake. I was like, wait, what??? I thought this was a pie wedding. Oh well though, these kinds of things are insignificant in the long run.