Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Mexico was fabulous!
Here are a few pictures!

3 Things About Mexico
1. I LOVED the tiny limes hanging out on all restaurant tables, so cute and so tasty to squirt on your food!
2. If you visit Isla Mujeres you should totally check out the towns little cafes, you might just find the best cuban food ever.
3. Mexico City is totally safe, fun and friendly. Also they shut down the paseo de la reform on Sunday and parents and kids ride their bikes around all the monuments, its super cute. We also saw people doing aerobics in front of the monument El Angel! How fun!

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llbfromvb said...

can I go -- Please? amazing!!! Im so thrilled you managed to overcome our common fear of flying for a spectacular belated honeymoon. the only downfall from a return to the states after being in mexico is that when you go to get mexican food it will never quite be as good as it was before because you've had the real deal! Love you hun!