Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Friday through Tuesday we'll be hanging out in Mexico City which is super exciting for me since my art historical interests lie in late 19th early 20th century Mexican art and architecture(nerd alert!!!!!)

Then Tuesday we fly to Cancun and take a ferry to Isla de Mujeres for 3 nights of tropical amazingness, and maybe some snorkeling.

THEN on Friday we fly to Santibel Island for a weekend of remembering my grandfather.

THEN we fly home and goodness gracious I don't have to work and might actually be able to get the rest of my wedding thank you notes out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

that is six flights, meaning six take offs the hubster gets to have me digging my nails into his hands. Anyone have any anti flight anxiety tips?

grad school you've kicked my butt this semester, you made me super grumpy and over caffinated but I'll be back in January for my last class to show you whats up....


Kate said...

Have SO much fun in Mexico!

As for your question about making queso dip... I've tried it all and I think the best recipe is the Velveeta + Rotel in the microwave combo. This is very frustrating for me as I hate processed cheese but it really is the best! The recipe is always on the back of the Rotel can and usually on the Velveeta box!

Julia (Color Me Green) said...

flying tips...sleeping pills for long flights. i get really nervous during take off and landings so i find a few things help me as weird as they are - humming a tune over and over again under my breath (probably because i'm breathing deeply, thinking about my breath), and doing puzzles like sudoko or crossword or math puzzles that keep my brain distracted. have fun!!

llbfromvb said...

So. Excited. For. You. Yay exotic honeymoons/get-aways! All I request is you bring back some pretty mexico /sanibel sunset pictures. That is all (Ps- Julie's advice is spot on for controlling the take-off/landing anxiety. Oh the power of crossword puzzles.)

Abbie said...

Have fun!! It sounds like it's going to be a whirlwind trip!