Thursday, January 7, 2010

2010 and other stories

So far I have kept to my resolution of being confident, working out and making time for others! I even took a break from studying last night to try out this recipe for these black bean burgers from eating bird food, and to watch a movie with the hubster. They turned out super delicious (though I left out the jalapenos).

Also, my university has just opened a fabulous new gym - super exciting and in time for resolutions! Part of this new facility is a saweeet indoor track, which is super fantastic, as I find that running on a treadmill is a fate worth than death.

So while sticking to my resolutions is working out nicely - 2010 has been off to a interesting, chaotic, slightly silly and random start for the following three reasons.

1. falling on my @$$ two minutes after midnight off of a deck bench, knocking the air out of myself and being THAT crying girl at the party.

* Goal for 2010- learn to walk gracefully in three inch heels

2. Spending sunday night in the ER with my sweet cousin who ended up having a severe allergic reaction

3. We spent 9 hours watching ALL THREE Star Wars at our friends house. Seriously. biggest dorks ever, it was like our butts grew roots and

Anywho, the hubster is off skiing at Snowshoe so I'm taking advantage of the weekend by cleaning, studying and watching lots of silly movies that would drive him crazy!

Also I mad men(ed?) :). And why yes! That is a donut I am holding rather than the Mad Men martini!


abigail said...

walk gracefully in 3 inch heels- a good goal.

Anonymous said...

I think I need to add walking in heels to my list of goals as well. You can pretty much rest assured that I'm always wearing flats- the reason- I can't walk gracefully in heals. :)

Thanks for the shout out. I'm glad you enjoyed the burgs.