Thursday, February 4, 2010

pros and cons

con: I am currently in a panic study state over an exam I have tomorrow

pro: But I am sticking to my resolutions and remaining calm, carrying on, taking time for myself to do yoga, swim or run, it is really amazing how clear your mind gets from just a 1/2 hour of exercise!

con: we have a friend coming this weekend and our apartment is a mess!

pro: we have a friend coming this weekend!!! and my husband said last night (direct quote) "I think I'm going to clean the bathroom, if I clean a little bit each day the apartment should be great by the time our friend gets here!" * I swooned seriously

con: Due to snow,work, ad stress we have not gone the grocery store and have no food! I am tempted by frozen pizzas, etc

pro: I did saddle up and walk to Belmont butchery on Monday and bought a whole free range chicken. (Belmont Butchery is amazing, and local and I love it) which I roasted with carrots, onions, potatoes- leftovers for a whole week! and some how my amazing husband turned part of the leftovers into super yummy chicken tortillas!

Phew, the pros are equal to the cons! Off to study! Trying to stay positive for this test on Friday!

P.S. On a totally unrelated note, I have been having some crazy feet issues with running. I start out fine but when I get to mile three, I am getting the worst cramps in my feet! I'm drinking enough water, but do I need inserts? Any thoughts ideas from runners out there there in the blogosphere!?


Allie said...

Very exciting. Bravo on the chicken. Also, you are so incredibly well prepared for this test tomorrow it is going to be great. Good luck. Also, I would try inserts, personally. Maybe just start with Dr. Scholls and then if that doesn't work go to a running store and get them to advise you on some Spencos or something.

llbfromvb said...

I had the same issues - and my physical therapist (a genius, btw) suggested stretching my arches pre and post run as well as getting full shoe arch support inserts (not the halfsies). It really helped w/ the arch crap issue.

PS - you're a champ... don't forget that :-)

Melissa said...

Boo to cramps in your feet while running. Mine tend to go numb around mile three and THAT can't be good either. Let me know how the inserts work...meanwhile I think I will have to work on buying some better shoes...

JonnyBGood said...

inserts! inserts! inserts!

the shitastic insoles the factory puts in your shoes aren't good for 30 miles. They're literally there as place holders for "real" insoles.

After you make the change, it'll be like running on a cloud! good luck today, my love.

whitneydargle said...

I like to cross my feet under my bottom (wow, the kindergarten teacher in me has taken over!) and let the top of one foot sort of massage/press into the arch of the other foot. It's a nice release after a run!

Abbie said...

I would definitely try inserts. You should try to find one of those Dr. Scholls kiosks that tells you what kind of insert to get.