Monday, February 1, 2010

Tri Thursday (errrr Monday)

Okay, tri thursday was an epic fail last week, but work, and school were crazy and I have a giant test this coming Friday that determines LOTS- so I've been all sorts of wrapped up in studying/organizing/and trying to stay sane and healthy. I've still been doing lots of yoga, running and a little swimming- sadly no biking as the weather is not allowing it....

For those of you who are not located in Central Virginia, we got an a$$ kicking snow storm this past Saturday. Friends who live in the Northeast or Midwest - you all probably would not have bat an eye- but for us Richmonders these 8 inches are a big friggin deal that sends everyone into a tizzy (for me the tizzy is: "does this city even have a snow plan and why has my street not yet been plowed?") Now at first I was excited about this snow storm, I swam on Friday, so Saturday was a nice day to study, rest my sore arms, drink hot chocolate, go on romantic snowy walks with the hubs. Then Sunday came, and the roads still were not cleared so I studied and walked to the grocery store for kombucha and watched Jon make homemade bread and started to get a little stir crazy. Now it is Monday. And my work is closed. And I have lots of studying to do. But goodness gracious I woke up needing to move my body!!! (I am not a pj's and movie all day long type of person. If I am watching a movie I am either simultaneously doing something else (online shopping, budgeting my checkbook, going through flash cards, light reading, or wikipediaing the ending) or falling asleep. I am the worst at being lazy. Also for me, taking the time to exercise, whether it is walking, running, yoga, swimming, cycling really helps be calm down and concentrate on my tasks at hand.... So this stuck in my apartment without any exercise outlet is sort of driving me nuts.

Luckily Netflix "watch it now" has workout videos...I chose Crunch Boot Camp work-out because I needed to sweat. Seriously. I was a little nervous about trying this whole work out video thing out for two reasons 1) I'm scared I am driving the neighbors downstairs crazy with my stomping, jumping jacks, whatever and 2) I am the most uncoordinated person on the face of the planet when it comes to aerobic work out moves- seriously, think something like the Elaine dance during aerobics class. I swallowed my anxiety about workout videos and took the plunge and I must say, it was pretty great. While my "moves" are nothing to be proud of, I kept up okay, got a decent 45 minutes of exercise and can now sit down to study and wish away the snow outside. :) Shoot if work and school are still cancelled again tomorrow I may try a new video!

(image from here)

Does anyone out there recommend any workout videos? Any that are free? What are your favorites?


Emily Anne said...

Oh! Try Eight Minute Abs on Youtube. It's great... And free! :) Just search Eight Minute Abs on there and it'll pop up.

Xoxo- Emily

Kristin said...

Do you have On Demand? The Shred is on there. When I lived in DC, the city would totally freak when it snowed!

Laura said...

Hello, I just found your blog. Crazy snow storm! Where I live everything shuts down if it snows 3 inches so I can't even imagine what would happen if it snowed 8!

whitneydargle said...

Heck yes I have some workout videos for you!

1. Chalean Extreme by Chalene Johnson -- it's basically a weight lifting program with some cardio thrown in on some days. It'll get you ripped, fast!

2. Turbo Jam (my ALL TIME favorite) -- amazing kickboxing routines to great music! Also by Chalene Johnson. These will give you some serious endurance and are great for abs!

3. Hip Hop Hustle -- Dancing workout! There are actually dances that you learn the routine to! Also by Chalene (okay, I think I have a problem)

4. If you like yoga look up Dashama Konah on youtube. She is seriously awesome -- a little out there, but I LOVE her!