Thursday, June 3, 2010

Check it out

If you are in the River City sometime this summer you might want to check out an exhibit my classmates and I curated together, titled Social Skin, it is up at the Anderson Gallery now until August 1, 2010....

Photo: Thomas Daniel, from the series County Queens

Nan Goldin, At the Bar, C. Toon and So, Bangkok, 1992

Then you should go to balliceaux for some yummy food and get yourself a bees knees, perfect for summer evening gallery viewings.

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llbfromvb said...

Oh how I love a bees knees -- misa you're making me thirsty. I think I may need to make that my drink of choice this weekend.

And congrats on what seems like (and knowing you, it totally is) an awesome exhibit - Its times like this that I wish I lived back in VA so I could see it first hand.