Thursday, June 3, 2010

Oh Hello

May was the busiest month of all, but filled with wonderful and exciting things. First,I'd like to announce that I am a not that type of candidiate...rather after 4 semesters of blood, tears, and threats that I was quitting and dropping out, I am officially a masters candidate! What does this candidacy mean? Well it means, I took all the classes, passed all the tests, got my thesis proposal approved and all that is standing in my way of that M.A degree is a thesis! Whoop Whoop! Bring on the research!

The second exciting happening in the land of notreallyblogging, is that the husband got a totally, wonderful, incredible new job! Sadly, said job is 60 miles away in my hometown, where the jobs for my profession are few and far between..…however, he just started and there is the potential to work at home/telecommute several days a week…so that rather rush into moving back to my hometown, we are going to take it one day at a time and see what happens! Exciting! But stressful!

Finally, May has officially kicked off wedding season!!! So our weekends have been full of celebrating love! Congrats to all of our friends who are recently or about to be married!

How is your summer going?

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