Monday, June 14, 2010

missing bonnaroo

It certainly is humid in Virginia! We've been keeping cool by spending time in the country, drinking Jon's grandmother's bourbon slushes, and enjoying the shade of our balcony. This evening, we relaxed on the couch and listened to set lists played this past weekend by our favorite artists, at our favorite festival, Bonnaroo. (My fav setlists so far are Regina Spektor and She and Him) We love Bonnaroo, but unfortunately this summer we did not have the finances or time off to make the ten hour drive to Tennessee.... le least I can look at pictures.....

who are these dirty hippies? (circa 2006)
'roo love, 2007

You can imagine you are at bonnaroo and listen to your favorite musician's set lists at NPR.

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Mrs. Bama said...

Spike went this year for the first time and loved it! I could see how you would miss not going this year