Friday, June 11, 2010

Pity Party & Giveaways!

I’m having a silly day pretty much due to my own oversensitivity and insecurity, in part because I take everything so personally even though I know shouldn’t—

But enough with the pity should stop reading my blog and go visit BonBon Rose instantly to enter this give away for a Kate Spade ring. And you should actually check out BonBon Rose all the time, they are the bomb in terms of giveaways and steals, plus they are just plain fun.

I hope you all have a splendid weekend. I’m looking forward to working the Farmers Market with my mom (stop by and buy a pie!), watching the World Cup with my husband (whose boyish enthusiasm for the sport makes me feel warm and fuzzy), and spending some time outside…

What are your weekend plans?? I hope your June weekend is filled with hydrangeas and fireflies!

image of the most magical bugs via

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Danica said...

I understand about Pity Parties. I find I have been having many of them myself these days, and I found that if I just let go of what is making me feel that way, I feel alot better. Keep your head up!