Monday, February 21, 2011

Ten things to love about February

Here are my ten things to love about February---because even though its the shortest month it sometimes feels like the longest.

1. One month closer to my birthday :)
2. Days growing longer and warmer
3. Daffodil and crocus buds poking out of the earth and buds on trees
4. Surprise sunshine days when the temp hits 65+
5. Renewed motivation/interest in running (see #2)
6. Last chance winter ski trip
7. Leftover chocolate
8. Newly discovered peach tea
9. Waking up to light and birds chirping (again, see #2)
10. Celebrating six years of love with the hubs


ruthy ann said...

yes...extra chocolate! six years?! congrats!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on 6 years! Very exciting!

I just found your blog via Natty Michelle---and I have to say I love it. I love your posts on graduate school and relate to them completely! I just started my phd in August and I have to say, I am questioning so many things so often. Did I mention I also just got married? The balance is so hard to find and I have to admit, I am not so good at the juggling act. However, I keep pushing forward remembering the good things as you talked about. Nevertheless, I appreciate your honesty!
Sounds like you are close to being done--kudos and congrats!

Also, count me in as a new follower.

M said...

aw you all are both sweet! Thank you thank you for your sweet congrats! we are the dorky couple who fell in love and thus have our dating/falling in love anniversary on valentines day...