Sunday, February 20, 2011

weekend recap

The sunny, warm weather we had this weekend was just what I needed to push stress out.

Taco/movie night kicked off the weekend. On Saturday morning we ran through the Byrd Park exercise path and did every exercise (my upper body strength is seriously lacking though as is proven by my pathetic attempt at rope climbing). I spent too much money at target and dined at this amazing place with some wonderful ladies on Saturday night. Sunday was lazily spent making our own version of sausage gravy biscuits breakfast, watching CBS Sunday morning and working on thesis.

oh and p.s. I am now addicted to Downton Abbey? Anyone Anyone?

How was your weekend loves?

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Mrs. Bama said...

cheers to relaxing, mental health weekends! PS- I loved that you were able to put the mugs to use! brings happiness to my heart