Monday, April 18, 2011

on holding doors

To the 4 undergrad dudes hanging outside the library at 8am this morning,

Listen, I know its early and you are 18 or 19 and probably super overwhelmed with your own life, but when you see me (or any other person) coming carrying 4 cloth grocery bags filled with 37 library books* please do not look away pretend not to see me, avoid eye contact, or look down at your cell phone. Please hold the door for me.

This isn't a chivalry thing, and it isn't a southern thing, and it isn't about gender roles. It is a human decency thing- and you bet I'd hold the door for you in the same situation. That is all.

Happy Monday,


p.s. To the boy who ran across the lobby and held the second door, thank you. Your parents raised you well.

* Library books are the bane of my existence. Lets hope I can return all of them come next week!

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Mandy said...

Dude, I feel the same way! It means a lot to have people just notice you need a door held, etc. and just do it...makes the world a better place! Props to the second door guy!

Oh, and kick booty on Wed. I will be thinking of you! Drinks or something to celebrate afterwards/dinner-ish?