Sunday, April 17, 2011

April weekend: loving on Richmond

Despite the fact that the defense is in a mere 4 days, husband and I decided to go on lunch date on Saturday afternoon and hit up Black Sheep. If you ever come to Richmond, or if you live here already, please do yourself a favor and go to the Black Sheep for brunch, lunch or dinner. I don't care if there is a wait. Do it. The food is amazing and the service is fantastic. Yesterday Jon got one of their battleships (a ginormous but delicious sub) and I got their twist on my favorite southern sandwich, pimento cheese and deliciousness- The Bridge Club. And then, because we were feeling fancy, we ordered dessert. Now normally at black sheep I go for their banana creme pie, but we were feeling crazy and so we ordered their peanut butter pie. ZOMG. Amazing and worth every calorie. Seriously. Go to Black Sheep. Now.

This morning we decided to run the North Bank Trail, which runs along the James River for several miles. Husband often mountain bikes this trail, and I was in need for a long run so we set off from the apt shortly after 8am. The sun was shining, the air was clear of pollen and it was warm enough to wear shorts (yay!). The North Bank Trail runs along side some of the cities hot spots, including Hollywood Cemetery, Maymont, and Oregon Hill. I was hurting, but the views of the river were incredible and well worth the run. Unfortunately, as we neared Oregon Hill, the husband took a turn a little too fast and rolled his ankle. Ouch. We hobbled on and planned walk back, but luckily, two of our close friends who live in Oregon Hill were home so we were able to get a ride from them. The ride turned into morning chit chat and coffee with friends at one of our favorite Richmond coffee shops -showing me once again, sometimes small accidents or setbacks can lead to even better things!

Overall, this weekend was spent loving on our city, hanging out with great friends, and enjoying spring time.We are spending the rest of today relaxing and I am preparing for the big defense on Wednesday. I hope you all are enjoying a rain free Sunday and a beautiful weekend!


Allie said...

The Bridge is named after AJ's friend Bridge who used to work there. That place is delicious. I am coming to your fair city tomorrow! You are probably too busy to see us but we will probably go see Picasso in the afternoon.

The Many Colours of Happiness said...

That sounds like a lovely weekend :) Also it sounds like a great place to eat, yum!

wildology said...

Good luck with the defense!! I was a complete zombie bythe time I was through:)