Friday, November 4, 2011

Welcoming November

November is probably my favorite month of fall. September is still pretty much summer and October can be indecisive in its role as a fall month.  November arrives shyly and is a meandering month, filled with apple harvests, early evenings, crunchy leaves and the promise of family times and gratitude. 

In honor of this month which ends in gratitude, I am going to celebrate on this blog the things and people, both big and small, that I am grateful for.   I hope you'll join me and share the things you are thankful for as well.

And so, without further adieu, here are a few of the pretty, silly things that I am grateful for this first week of November.

I am thankful for these Toms that JM got me, because they are so comfortable, even after a day of standing in the studios or running around the museum. Also, I really like their one for one movement.

This purple African violet bloom, because it brightens my day and reminds me of the sweet friend who gifted it to us.

These cupcake toppers that I found at an RVA boutique. Because they decorated the pumpkin cupcakes I gave to a friend in celebration of the birth of her new baby boy!

This candle that I purchased at anthropologie last weekend, because it even though it is little,  makes the apartment smell wonderful and homie.

Friends, what are you thankful for this first weekend of November?

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Kristin W said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! Good luck on your half marathon as well! It's wonderful motivation and inspiration to read about others finishing races (especially those unexperienced ones!).
Also, I see you're from Richmond. My husband and I live in Raleigh, but he frequents Richmond for business (he's actually there now!). Maybe I'll look for a race in that area. Again good luck!