Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Gratitude: My Running Legs

I have these thighs.  And I'm not trying to be all "omgmythighs are so big" in a whiny sorta way. I'm  just saying, I have thick, muscular legs. And I think they are great! I am grateful for my legs.  My legs have given me the experience to do so much- I've been a ballerina, a hiker, a soccer player, a swimmer, a wannabe yogi and most recently a runner.

I'm grateful for my legs for a number of reasons, but I'm the most thankful for my running legs. Why? Because running has given me back a part of my self confidence that I lost during those tricky middle and high school years. Running makes me feel just straight up awesome. Running is intense and exhilarating. I mean, you are moving your entire mass through space (gravity, people!) at a quick pace. It is also a brave activity, I don't look pretty running, do you?  And finally the endorphins, they make you happy!

So anyways, I'm thankful for my running legs and I'm treating them nice this week - after all, I'm running a half marathon on Saturday! It will be my second, and I'm trying hard to not freak out and be scared I'll finish last!

Wish me and my thighs luck (and a swift recovery) this weekend!

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Mandy said...

You will do amazing! Can't wait to see everyone Friday night for tons of yummy pasta!