Sunday, February 26, 2012

eastern europe adventures

As I mentioned in the previous blog post, JM and I are planning a big trip to Eastern Europe to travel, and to visit one of our dear friends, Ms. Bama.   I'm not the biggest fan of flying (I think I might actually qualify as having Pteromerthanophobia), especially since our terrifying trip between Cancun and Miami, post honeymoon. However,  I'm trying to focus on the exciting things JM and I will see in Krakaow, Prague, Budapest, Berlin and around Wurtzburg, Germ.  Pintrest has been an exceptionally helpful in distracting me from the 8+ hours of white knuckle flying, that I'll be doing. I just love the photos of spaces and places, and of course city prints, which I'll hopefully purchase post trip for our new house - WHAT?!! (more on that later).

 Budapest via pinterest

 Public baths in Budapest on pintrest via Travel Notes

Berlin via

Prague via 

Krakow cafe via


Anonymous said...

Nice pics! Eastern Europe is yet to be explored and I can't wait to start it off with my City breaks in Prague. I'm already excited! Thought I'd share.

Kristin W said...

So fun! Prague is actually one of my favorite European cities. That sounds like an amazing trip!!

Allie said...

I actually think that I have been to that Krakow cafe. Did you know that they put raspberry syrup in the beer there and you drink it with a straw? It is pretty gross, but when in Rome!