Thursday, February 23, 2012

Some 2012 happenings

We welcomed 2012 with open arms, and so far it has been off to a great start! It has been a joyful winter filled with friends, family, new adventures and opportunities. 2011 was a dark year for us at Park & Belmont, and we grieved the loss of a close family member, and also a young relative. These untimely passings left us hurting and searching for a bright place this winter.

To be honest, I was dreading this year, buy 2012 has been filled with warmth (and not just temperature wise). And I'm hopeful for the years ahead!

- We started the year in Atlanta, celebrating the New Year with some of our closest friends from college.

- Celebrated the future birthday of a special little girl, and welcomed a new little boy into the world.

- Planned a trip to eastern Europe and Germany to visit one of my favorite UMW ladies.

- Received an  awesome work/study opportunity at an awesome local yoga studio! (I'm learning so much - it is the best thing ever!)

- Started looking at houses! That is right folks, we are committing to Richmond! Can I just say that I love American four squares? There may be one in my future, but hold that thought, I'll update you soon!

Is your 2012 off to a good start? What happenings do you have going on?

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