Monday, April 30, 2012

did it again, and instagram dump

oh hey there.
virginia beach bacheloretting
I did it again. Ya'll life has been busy. We've been traveling afar - to prague, krakow, budapest, berlin...but more on that later....because the big news is...we've bought a house!!!!!!!!

biking in berlin
wall paper history under green paint in the new house

pest baths
It is an old house, and it needs alota love...but Ima do my darndest to post my adventures abroad, and in home ownership on this here blog! But for now, here are a few of our adventures as seen through my instagram!
roses in the new back yard
snow on easter in krakow!
americanos in budapes

wawel castle, krakow

new blue master bedroom


Kristin W said...

Traveling to all those wonderful European places sounds like bigger news that buying a house to me ;) Congrats though!!!

Can't wait to hear about your travel!

Allie said...

I love the color you chose for the bedroom!

Mandy said...

So excited for you and the house renovations! It is always so much fun to make something more your own!

Andrea D said...

Your travels look so lovely! And congrats on buying a house! :) The history of old houses is so much the wallpaper picture.

Unknown said...

You must have had some awesome help to get two rooms done so quickly :)