Tuesday, August 14, 2012


This summer has been a busy one! Filled with friends, family, cookouts, and home renovations! At first, I didn't think buying, maintaining and fixing a house built in 1928 would be a problem, and for the most part its not. There are days however, where I feel...shall we say, hopeless? We have creaky stairs, a wet, smelly basement, wallpaper under every coat of paint in every room,(seriously, who and in what decade said "hey guys, lets wall paper this ceiling!)-- we have bumps, and crack, an awkward spaces and corners, and did I mention wallpaper, hiding under paint, creating bubbling and cracks because we have radiated heat?  But really, I love this house, and this neighborhood and this little nest of life, we have carved out for ourselves....and most of all I love seeing the improvements, day by day, week by week. Also, our garden! Its divine! We've had tomatoes and cucumbers and peppers galore! I love growing, and fixing things!


living room - before

living room - after
So in conclusion. I'll try to share more. Only because I want to remember this time for myself - so in 10 years when our roof starts to leak, and I start looking at newer homes,  I can pull it together and remind myself how we have made this house a home.

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